Hasami - The Birthplace of Japanese Pottery

Hasami has some of Japan`s best pottery makers. With over 400 years of history, this town has continued to innovate and create beautiful pieces of work. There are many kilns in Hasami, each having their own unique designs! Many of these kilns are family operated, and their techniques have been passed down for many generations.

Oniki Rice Terrace is an extension of what Hotel Bliss Villa provides to its visitors. After interacting with many happy foreign visitors of Hasami Town, we have realized that this little gem of a town should no longer remain hidden from the rest of the world. has been charged with the mission to work together with the local community and break the language barrier so that the rest of the world can have a peek at the rich cultural life of Hasami. Click the link below to dive deep into the wonderful town of Hasami.


NakaoyamaTown of ceramic pottery. Located at the center of Hasami, A group of pottery makers scattered along the slope of the mountain for about 600m. Narrow streets with Irikumi brick buildings and large chimneys popping up everywhere make it feel like the place is frozen in time for some reason.

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Yakimono Park

Yakimono ParkOutdoors open museum「Kiln ground of the world」Exhibiting ceramic pottery from the ancient till the present. Yakimono Park also hosts the annual Hasami Ceramic Art and Pottery Festival. People from all over the country and even foreigners will gather to buy the famous ceramic products produced by local kilns.

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NishinoharaOld buildings from the Showa era remains on site of adjacent ceramics plants that expands to almost 1500 square meters. Take a step into the shadows of history by seeing all the well maintained architecture of cafe, restaurants, supply stores, and even coffee Bean producers.

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Kokuzozan Springs

Kokuzozan SpringsSituated on the hiking route of Kokuzozan, a natural spring can be discovered to provide refreshments on your travels as well as clean tasty water to be brought home for tea making.

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Huis Ten Bosch・Saikai Area

Huis Ten Bosch, accessible from Saikai city via the scenic route "Saikai Pearl Line" that embraces the gorgeous view of Usagijima and the calm waves of Omura Bay.

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch

Japan`s famous, brightly illuminated, Dutch themed park that hosts a series of events and year long attractions such as "Flowers and Light Kingdom", "Robot Kingdom", and the "Grand Fireworks Show". Famous for its grand scale of flower gardens and light displays, Huis Ten Bosch is attractive to guests of all ages both local and international.
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NanatsugamaA unique limestone cave that rose from the seabed all the way back for about 30million years ago. its a very exiting place to explore during the summers seasons.

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Port Hoorn

Port Hoorn NagasakiFormer Dutch Village site. On May 2016 it was revived as "Port Hoorn Nagasaki", A town of discovery, food,and fun. Enjoy your visit with a scenic view of the town and hills while kayaking in the calm waves of Omura Bay.

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Saikaibashi Park

Saikaibashi ParkThe scenic park that expands to both ends of the Saikai Bridge, connecting Saikai and Sasebo, the bridge also represents the waterway entrance into Omura Bay. The park attracts many visitors young and old during the weekends and holidays.

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Bio Park

Bio Park NagasakiA dynamic nature reserve park that hosts many scarce species of animals, birds, insects and plants. Maintaining a second name of Cabybara Paradise, this park holds about 30 Cabybaras that guests can have direct contact with, as well as kangaroos and monkeys in their related habitats.

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Arita Area

A historic town spanning over 400years, famous for its ceramic designs influenced by its historical traditions. Auras of the old european styled buildings and streets remained behind from the Edo era till the beginnings Showa era, the time when it was most bustling with merchants and markets from all over the world trade.

Tonbai wall Alley

Tonbai Wall Alley

Tonbai walls, an interesting architectural design in order to save on resources. The walls are constructed using left over material to build neighbouring step kilns along with broken pottery pieces fused together and hardened with red clay. The walls can be found in many back alleys of Mt.Izumi.
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Tozan Shrine

Tozan ShrineSaid to be built in 1658, A untraditional shrine that cannot be found anywhere else. Interesting items such as guardian dogs, ceramic Otorii, a large pond and decorations with Artia ceramics are scattered around the shrine portrays its uniques to the town of pottery.

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Kyushu Ceramic Museum

Kyushu Ceramic MuseumMuseum of ceramic arts and pottery. Exhibiting a collection of ceramics from all over Kyushu, Pottery and unique designs from historic times till the present can be found at this museum.

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Icho of Arita

Icho of Arita (Giant Ginkgo Tree)Located at Izumiyama`s Benzaiten Shrine, This Ginkgo tree has said to be over 1000 years old. Measuring at a height of about 40m, its is especially eye catching around mid-November during the Fall seasons.

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Arita Ceramic Plaza

Arita Ceramic PlazaA outdoor shopping district that gathered over 20 shops and merchants of ceramic ware. You will find ceramics from daily household items to designer exhibits, a one-stop plaza for all your ceramic needs.

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Sasebo Area

Embracing the scenic route along side Sasebo Bay, from Huis Ten Bosch to Sasebo city will you find a breathtaking view of the ninety-nine islands (Kujukushima) of Nagasaki. Sasebo city is highly influenced of western culture due to the main USA military base in operation. Localized foreign food such as the Sasebo burger and unique jazz bars can be found in the city.

Kujukushima Cruise

Kujukushima Cruise

The Kujukushimas (ninty-nine islands) clustered together just 25km north of Sasebo Port. Book a cruise to enjoy the unique view of high density Japan islands clustered together on the calm ocean. Highly recommended to book your sunset cruise during the Fall months of August, September, and October.
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Tenkai Peak

Tenkai PeakSituated south of Sasebo city, This peak is the main observation platform to feast your eyes on the 180 degree view of the Kujukushima and even Sasebo city on a good day.

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Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort (Umikirara)Due to the unique land scape of Kujukushima, a special variety of ocean species are collected and displayed at the Umikirara Aquarium. There is also a dolphin show for everyone to enjoy and the largest jelly fish tank south of Japan, named the Kurage Symphony Dome.

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Kujukushima botanical garden (Morikirara) Morikirara not only house a variety of plant species, they also house some indigenous wild life such as the Tsushima Leopard Cats. There is also a penguin pool visitor could go under the pool and witness penguins swim above as if they are flying in the sky.

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Sasebo Burger

Sasebo BurgerRecipie taken directly from the USA military base situated in Sasebo. Sasebo is known for the origin of hamburger in Japan where fresh local ingredients are used, made upon order. While in Sasebo, be sure to try it out.


Takeo・Ureshino Area

North of Hasami,in the neighbouring prefecture of Saga known for its Hot Springs (Onsen). Every onsen spot is known to have at least a thousand years of history. You can find many onsen spots along the river Ureshino and discover locally produced tea as well. Takeo onsens are famous for its breathtaking scenery, as well as its gardens with stunning views.

Mifuneyama Gardens

Mifuneyama Gardens

Constructed by the 28th Duke of Takeo, Nabeshima Shigeyoshi built this giant garden over 160 years ago. With the size of 150,000 square meters (10 times the size of Tokyo dome), it contains more than 100,000 types of botanicals, a beautiful sight to visit for all seasons.
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Takeo City Library

Takeo City LibraryA unique public library that became a hot topic by the town. A very "cafe bookstore" aura with the smell of freshly made Starbucks coffee and relaxing lounge music.

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Siebold Public Bath

Siebold's Public BathA large roman style public bath constructed in remembrance of Siebold who made great contributions of western medicine in Japan during the Edo era.

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Siebold Foot Bath

Siebold's foot bathDip your tiring feet into rejuvenating springs of Siebold. the natural spring is known to relieve swelling, pain, and stiffness in your ankles and feet. FREE of charge!

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Ganzo Ninja Valley

Ganzo ninja vally/Hizen Dream AllyStep into the Edo era at the Karakuri house and enjoy a ninja live show with shurikens, darts, and cosplay.

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