Guest Room Types

From business to family use, the hotel offers 4 types of rooms suited for a variety of guest needs
Bliss Villa is a Smoke free Hotel. Children and guests that are sensitive to the smell of tobacco can relax under our environment.

Double Room / 28 rooms

Wide double sized bed with desk and chair placed next to window. Suitable for business use.

Capacity:1~2 guests
Room Size:15m2
Bed Type:Double(140cm Wide)

Twin Room / 13 rooms

Comfortable room with separated bath, toilet, and wash basin. Equipped with a sofa bed to be used by a third guest if needed.

Capacity:1~3 guests
Room Size:24m2
Bed Type:Semi-Double(120cm Wide)

Family Room / 2 rooms

Shoeless and Bed-less spacious wooden floor room for traditional living. Equipped with futon beds to sleep on. The open space is loved by children.

Capacity:1~3 guests
Room Size:24m2
Bed Type:Futon

Universal Room / 1 room

Step-less flat room design equipped with handrails for easy wheelchair maneuverability. Appreciated by the elderly as well.

Capacity:1~2 guests
Room Size:24m2
Bed Type:Semi-Double(120c Wide)

Room Equipment

With the concept of fusing business with leisure、Every room has Wi-Fi coverage, and equipped with Hotel Information Systems (ipads), Serta Mattress, and comfortable hotel night wear among other amenities.

Serta Mattress

USA's No.1 hotel use "SERTA" mattress.High density 2mm thick pocket spring coils to comfortably support every sleeping posture. The bed plays a major part in every guests visit, so we have professionally selected the best bed to maximize comfort.

LED Room Light

Hue Temperature adjustable room light.Using LED technology, the main room/ceiling light's temperature can be adjustment. Whether you like bright white or warm yellow, the light setting is easily adjustable with a handy remote.


High speed InternetHigh speed Wi-Fi 6 internet signal coverage throughout the hotel and every guest room. FREE of charge.

Hasami Mug

Hasami Mug CupsWell know Hasami design "Maruhiro" branded coffee mugs available in every guest room

Masssage Cushion

Massage Cushion"Rurudo" brand massage cushion with heating functionality. Use it on bed or on the chair to release you

Pajama Set

Hotel Sleep WearComfortable hotel grade pajama set for in-room use or to use for our partner hot spring facility. Select between 3 different sizes to best fit your relaxation needs.


Bath AmenityReana branded bath amenities (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap) included in every guest room.


Amenities BarDaily amenities availble in lobby of hotel for pick-up (free of charge).

LCD TV Mini Fridge Air humidifier/Purifier Telephone LAN Cable Mirror Massage Cushion Ion Hair Dryer Security Box Electric Kettle Mug and Glass Hasami Tea Coffee Packs Pajama Set Slippers Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Hand Soap Toothbrush Set Hai Brush Shaver Hand Towel Face Towel

Rental Items

Most items listed can be rented out at hotel's front desk.
※Stocks are limited

Desk Lamp Mobile Phone Charger Iron and Board Nail Clipper Sewing Kit Thermometer Pillow(Foam) Towels Pants Presser DVD・BD Player(fees apply)

Cancel Policy

General Reservation(up to 4 rooms)
2 days before check-in date: Free of charge.
1 day before check-in date: 50% of accommodation fees
Cancellation on same day of check-in: 100% of accommodation fee
No notice of cancellation: 100% of accommodation fees.
Group Reservation(5 rooms or more)
8 days before check-in date: Free of charge.
2~7 days before check-in date: 20% of accommodation fees
1 day before check-in date: 50% of accommodation fees
Cancellation on same day of check-in: 100% of accommodation fee
No notice of cancellation: 100% of accommodation fees.